Forgotten Toys


 Left Behind

I have been, as of late, very inspired by the idea of toys forgotten/dropped/left behind, and the reasons for this abandonment.

The Latest in The “Patron Saints” Series

Second installment of my ongoing Patron Saints series

With beautiful Rose Hale modeling

What’s all this about? Check out the original post here!


If The World Was Softer



If The World Was Softer
A simple idea, in a complex time.

Oh The Wonderful World of Photoshop!

JessamynPrincePhototgraphyMy Home is Not Where I Left It

I started a painting back in highschool that I never finished.

This is that painting…Kind of.

The Patron Saints of Forgotten Photographs

As an avid antique loiterer and thrift store hunter, I often come across people’s old photographs that they are selling. When ever I find them I’m always very excited! I find them to be bizarre looks into people’s life, as a photographer I have always been fascinated in peeking into other people’s lives. I was the child who, on Halloween, was more excited to see in strangers homes than the candy. On the other side, they all have a deep feeling of sadness. Whomever these people are in the photographs, their memories are not just being thrown away but monetized.

 While looking through one of these stacks of old photographs I found a beautiful portrait of a woman, by not means perfect, technically, but it was very moving. This inspired an ongoing series of portraits of women. stylized to emulate the look and style of old photographs. The women I photograph are ment to have the same hunting impact of the portrait I found. These women are The Patron Saints of Forgotten Photographs.

Series is on going so be on the look out for updates


The First Product Since My Still-Life epiphany: “What It Is, and What It Could Become”


JessamynPrincePhototgraphyThe Lost Love

The simple idea of the strong connection between two people in love,

 being able to transcend time and space

Jessie is plugged in

JessamynPrincePhototgraphyThe Collector

This piece was chosen to be featured in the Art Center gallery!

20 hours of Photoshop work, but well worth it!

Work From 1st Term


A simple study of water, light, and the human form




What We Eat

A humorous look at the foods we find delicious

 and what they actually look like as we are tasting them