Black Lives Matter

“Don’t let your inability to do everything undermine your determination to do something for the cause of your country” – Sen. Cory booker

Don’t forget to bring your support into the real world. Visibility in our neighborhoods is a small way make a real difference

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Small wonders 💗

Found these on my walk 😊🌳 what treasures are there in your world?

Take 30 mins to go out and explore your neighborhood !!SAFELY!! 🏡💗 Show me what you find 😍

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A Whimsical Afternoon with @GabyPossible

On an early evening in Autumn I got the pleasure of collaborating with the endlessly talented @GabyPossible on capturing this work of art.

If you’d like to learn how to make your very own fantasy purse check out her DIY Book Purse Project!

For this shoot we drew inspiration from one of our other favorite books, The Secret Garden

No matter the time of year, we can always fall into our favorite books and find a welcome landing.

Its official 👓 I play D&D

Thought I’d treat myself to a little present after a rough week. I’ve been playing D&D on and off for a year now, and its something that brings me so much joy! I think its important to invest in things like that 💖

Instagram filter used: Amaro

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A Space for Love

I had the absolute pleasure of spending the afternoon with @djsherock and her beloved Malliha!


It was truly inspiring to get to share in their deep love for each other, even just for an afternoon.

It was my absolutly my pleasure to capture the deep and vast love these two amazing women share!

Head over to the Instagram link to find these beautiful women’s profiles.

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Work on Shivering Snivels is coming along! (Slowly)(gumble, grumble) 

The manuscript has its final edit done and our publisher is ready to put together the mock book. 

The next challenge is to see how we will place the text with the images and work out any kinks that might arise. 

This is also when we finalize the illustration style. 

Once that’s approved, we will move on to the final illustrations! 

Whew, is it done yet? ;p

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Shooting my first feature film “Night Rain” A dark love letter to the Golden Age of Hollywood

Shooting my first feature film "Night Rain" A dark love letter to the Golden Age of Hollywood

Accidentally went to the wrong location on one of our tavel days, but I did get this cool shot! Also, not my fault. I double checked the address with the 1st AD. 

This film has been and amazing experience, and incredible challenge. I did learn, however, that I love a challenge! My producer even teased me that I run off the adrenalin. So yeah, may be doing a lot more film work in the future. 

Don’t worry Snivels fans!

 Illustrations for the book are coming along beautifully. I hope to have something new to share with you guys soon!

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My Pretty Awesome Birthday

You all know I don't like to play favorites......but this is my favorite birthday present this year!! Drawn by my disgustingly talented BFF Gabby. I think she captured me wonderfully

You all know I don’t like to play favorites……but this is my favorite birthday present this year!! Drawn by my disgustingly talented BFF Gabby. I think she captured me wonderfully!♡♡♡

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Couple shots from the festivities…

So yeah, it was very fun! I’ve had such a crazy year, from making the Shivering Snivels Trailer and graduating, then stumbling as I figured out how to be self-sufficient. Now, finding balance and fulfillment, I appreciate my friends more than ever.

This, above all, was the year I found them again.  ♡


Quick little character study for Snivels

Quick little character study for Snivels

Thanks Kara <3

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Hiding In My Closet…

A Self Portrait

A Self Portrait

A Self Portrait for #tbt
Isn’t funny how we can forget the person we used to be? I’ve been doing a lot of growth and self-improvement lately. So when I rediscovered this photograph I was kind of blow away by how the “person I am trying to be” was sitting there looking up at me from the past.

Now, I’m not saying I want to revert to that person I was. I’ve learned a lot since then and grown in many good ways. However, I’ve also been knocked around by life a lot since then, and I think I lost a few things I loved very much on the way.

I’m not sure exactly what the lesson here is. If there is one at all.

I just wanted to share this little part of my personal journey; something I’ve never been that interested in doing in the past. I’m very excited to see where my long and winding road takes me.

What else will I find

as I chip away at my cocoon

and reveal the girl inside?

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