Jessamyn Midori Prince is a California native, despite being born in Texas and spending many of her childhood years traveling the country. During this time her family worked at Renaissance Pleasure Fairs where everyday was a performance. It was here that she developed a passion for theater, wonder, and stories that would never leave her.

She graduated from Art Center College of Design with a Bachelor’s in Filmmaking in the Winter of 2015. During this program she spent 8 month studying acting under the amazingly talented Natalija Nogulich, as well as a year studying writing under the dearly missed Michael Gottlieb.

She has spent three years teaching children from ages 4 to 18 in Theater Arts. She was an active member of the Los Angeles theatrical production company Imaginese before its closing. Its philanthropic core practices have led her to mentor many young artists and volunteer all over Los Angeles County, which she continues to do to this day.

In 2016, she was hired as the production coordinator on the Feature Film “Night Rain” and was a pivotal part of the 4 person production team that brought this indy film to life. She also lent her voice to the role of Elizabeth.

Find her videos on YouTube and Vimeo