Happy Spring 🌼🐁🌈

A Special Gift for You!

“The BEST sing-along of the season!”

— and also the last time anyone needs to cover “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” Amiright? 😂 Merry Christmas all ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️

Drown your sorrows in THE FIRST Christmas Album to honestly represent this year. Put on this collection of smooth jazz and board up your windows as the magical feeling of Christmas fills the air. Limited number, so act now!!

(Just kidding. Enjoy the video, and good luck.)

Welcome to My Channel! 📺

I begun producing sweet little covers of some of my favorite songs from movies and TV. I dream of one day contributing to films or books that will provide comfort and an escape from our often far too cruel world. In the meantime, I’ll make these. 💞

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Dead Not Sleeping…

Did you know I have a YouTube channel? Yeah. Neither did anyone else. Heh…

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The First EVER Shivering Snivels & His Shadow Trailer


Snivels Stormyweather may be a very miserable name, but he is a very miserable boy. At the beach or at school, Snivels always seems to find fearsome phantoms stalking him from every shadow. When Snivels own shadow comes after him — life certainly seems spoiled for this scaredy cat.

Special Thanks to

-LaluCoo aka Kara Jaskolka

Our extraordinarily talented Illustrators who developed the art in the film.

-Joshua Nicholson

-Lauren Clare

-Leara Morris-Clark

Shivering Snivels & His Shadow : A Quite Frightful Children’s Picture Book

Help bring Jessamyn Prince’s spooky, scary, and spine-tingling picture book from concept art, through printing, to promotion.


When you donate money, it will immediately (no waiting, no goals, no matter what) go towards bringing this book closer to completion.

At $500——–

  • Running Artist/Book Website.
  • Concept Art.
  • Rough Mock Book.
  • Supplies & Equipment.
  • Edtor fees.

At $1000——

  • Final Mock Book.
  • Illustrator Fees.
  • Final Manuscript.
  • Book layout & Design.

At $2000——

  • Legal & Administrative fees (ISBN, Barcode, Registration).
  • Publishing fees Layout & Development costs.
  • E-publishing Fees.

At $3000——

  • Production & Book Printing.
  • Warehouse & Fulfillment costs.
  • Book Shipping.
  • Amazon fees.

At $5000——

  • Publicist fees.
  • Producer Fees.
  • Travel & Promotion.

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Shadow Backers

by LaluCoo

Expect to receive news, sneak peaks, free e-books, and even the chance to win hardcover copies of the book and more!

My First Animated Short

An amazing challenge, and amazing outcome. Enjoy this little piece- All art and camera work was done by me in one week. Special thanks to Sam Keeble for be the voice of the film.

The Wanderer from Jessamyn Prince on Vimeo.

Like the Perfect Piece of Chocolate