Met with our Shivering Snivels publisher today! On his birthday!

Met with our Shivering Snivels publisher today! On his birthday! Gave him this Lemon Raspberry Bunt Cake and the latest draft as his present. I also got one for myself. Because YUM

Gave him this Lemon Raspberry Bunt Cake and the latest draft as his present. I also got one for myself. Because YUM.

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Even Bureaucrats Can Have Fun!

Found this little gem while doing research for Snivels.


A Duck For Doodles Sake


 Happy 4th :3

Doodle Of The Day

(You know what i mean)


Playing around with ideas for a new rag doll. Since that’s such a productive use of my time…

The Orlando shooting happened yesterday, and I bought my first newspaper.

Two, actually.

Obviously, I am deeply saddened by this horrific event, but I am also discouraged by the reports that the gunman aligned himself with Muslim beliefs.

With the coming election, this tragedy will be paraded out at every opportunity as evidence of each candidate’s opinions. I imagine this may prove to be the most grotesque part of the attack.

Please. If you truly wish to honor the memory of all the beautiful souls we lost, please remember the only lesson that can be found in this devastating event.

Please, do not hate.

Don’t waste your time and energy hating. It is understandable to be angry with a singular person who has caused harm, but please don’t hate a group.

No matter how you choose to segregate society, there will be members of each group that cause harm. Equally true, however, is that the vast majority is made up of wonderful, kind, and prismatic individuals. They love freely. They believe truly.

And they do not hate.

Doing More Doodling!

Think I can do a doodle a day?


Yeah, neither do I.

Well, I could probably draw one thing a day, but I doubt I would post them.  I’m pretty bad at this whole “blogging” thing, so I decided to challenge myself to post more. The hardest part will be overcoming my ego. The main reason I don’t post more of my work is because I don’t think most of it is good enough. There is this intense pressure to deliver awe-inspiring work as constantly as possible. However, this is probably an unachievable goal. So for now, I’ll try to post AT LEAST ONE new doodle a week.

Hope you all enjoy :3

Never Too Busy For Instagram!

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A Night With Imaginese

Spent the evening with Shivering Snivels’ partners,


So I’ve been developing Shivering Snivels in many ways, one of which was through workshops hosted by the philanthropic production company, Imaginese.  While most members pay dues, I worked out an arrangement with them for a membership in exchange for event photography! These amazing and inspiring artists devote their time to teaching and mentoring public school students in the Los Angles, when they are not developing their own impressive productions.

This week they hosted a filmmaker’s Expo where they previewed their writers humorous and poignant work for industry artists. A night filled with laughter and great constructive critiques!

And it was my pleasure to photograph the fun-filled event.

Happy MOM’S Day!

Shout out to all the great Moms out there!

Whether your children are human, puppy, or lost space alien, this day is for you!








Just because I act like a kid, doesn’t mean I can’t grown-up when I need to. Lucky Charms for breakfast and still getting things done. Boom!