My Pretty Awesome Birthday

You all know I don't like to play favorites......but this is my favorite birthday present this year!! Drawn by my disgustingly talented BFF Gabby. I think she captured me wonderfully

You all know I don’t like to play favorites……but this is my favorite birthday present this year!! Drawn by my disgustingly talented BFF Gabby. I think she captured me wonderfully!♡♡♡

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Couple shots from the festivities…

So yeah, it was very fun! I’ve had such a crazy year, from making the Shivering Snivels Trailer and graduating, then stumbling as I figured out how to be self-sufficient. Now, finding balance and fulfillment, I appreciate my friends more than ever.

This, above all, was the year I found them again.  ♡


The First EVER Shivering Snivels & His Shadow Trailer


Snivels Stormyweather may be a very miserable name, but he is a very miserable boy. At the beach or at school, Snivels always seems to find fearsome phantoms stalking him from every shadow. When Snivels own shadow comes after him — life certainly seems spoiled for this scaredy cat.

Special Thanks to

-LaluCoo aka Kara Jaskolka

Our extraordinarily talented Illustrators who developed the art in the film.

-Joshua Nicholson

-Lauren Clare

-Leara Morris-Clark

Network ’till You Drop!


Rocking my recruitment event at ArtCenter! Come by the LAT Auditorium to see the graduating film student’s work ☆



Addition to my Ocean Science Series

In an effort to expand my documentary/educational portfolio I’ve been working on some great slides to be used by the Aquarium of The Pacific, or any educational center.

Hope you enjoy these “fun facts”



Sea Star

Welcome to!

What an amazing website, don’t you all think?! I know I couldn’t be happier.

To use the words of the great Penny Lane,

“It’s all happening!”

Jess Grad SHow

So many wonderful things are in the works! I’ll be releasing The Shivering Snivels Trailer in a week, as well as GRADUATING from ArtCenter College of Design’s Film department.




I was just offered a paid position producing, and being the Production Manager on, the beautiful indy film “Night Train,” written and directed by my dear (and talented) friend Jeanne Marie Spicuzza.




AND I’m working on a lovely Ocean Science Series to sell to The Aquarium of The Pacific. I plan on this becoming an ongoing collaboration with this wonderful educational center!



Hope you all enjoy the new site! Beyond the blog, check out Light and Pigment for my ever developing portfolio.

My (Not So) Secret NatGeo Habit

So beside the degree in filmmaking I’m about to receive, and the children’s book I’m publishing in Fall 2016, I have a (not so) secret dream of working for National Geographic.

-by JMP

-by JMP

Out of all my artistic pursuits, I consider this closest to my “Hobby”

There is no pressure to build a sustainable career, or brand. Maybe one day I’ll be paid by researchers or non-profit organizations, but so long as I have a camera I will continue to study and “capture” this amazing planet.

-by JMP

-by JMP

Sadly, having a camera is not always assured, lol.  So, the whole idea is a work in progress.

But, even a working artist needs to find a hobby that relaxes them, that gives them the sense of accomplishment — without the stress of achievement…

-by JMP

-by JMP

…And a chance to be a little cheeky!

More Delightfully Disturbing Fan Art!

11650921_10154431793703521_1570434675_n copy

Snivels Fan Art

From Snivels’ (self-proclaimed) #1 Fan!

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For All The Original JMP Photography Fans Out There!

As you can tell by the URL, I started this blog back when I was a photographer. And while I have been lately focused with more literal narratives, I will always love to take pictures. Thanks to the Shivering Snivels campaign and my Shadow Backers, I was able to invest in a smart phone recently (finally!).


My phone feels very smart!

So you will all be happy to know I will be picking up photography not just as employment anymore, but as a hobby too!

you will see portfolio work like this ~



Or you may see silly things like these :}

wpid-img_20150623_162136.jpg wpid-img_20150619_182532.jpg

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Snivel’s Kickstarter Campaign Is Hours Away from Its End!

But as one opportunity ends, another begins!

The Kickstarter was an amazing learning experience, and I met so many wonderful people because of it.


When the Kickstarter campaign closes at Midnight tonight as a “failure” it will be like it never happened. No money will be taken, no rewards sent.

But I want to see Shivering Snivels come to life?!

Have no fear. The campaign has moved to

This crowd-funding site has no goal restriction, no deadline, and no waiting! As I raise money, I will be able to pull the funds when I have them and immediately put them towards the on-going development of the book.

There are no set rewards, but once you donate you will become a member of The Shadow Backers.

Shadow Backers

by LaluCoo

As part of the exclusive mailing list you will receive news, sneak peaks, E-Books, and will be automatically entered for the chance to win Hardcover copies of the book and more!

Become a part of The shadow backers by donating here: HTTP://WWW.GOFUNDME.COM/SHIVERINGSNIVLES

Drew DeBakker: Recent Art Center College of Design Graduate

Drew DeBakker

Drew DeBakker

Drew DeBakker

Drew DeBakker Drew DeBakker

Drew DeBakker

Drew DeBakker

Drew DeBakker