A Paralyzing Poster by LaluCoo funded by The Shadow Backers!

After a Long Day of Terror,

A Monster Can be Your Best friend

by LaluCoo

by LaluCoo

Shivering Snivels still has a long way to go, but look how much we can get done with so little! I was able to commission LaluCoo to work up some more promotional material for our book.

To see more of her work, go to https://www.facebook.com/artduluna?fref=ts

So far Shadow Backer donations have already funded Concept art by Drew DeBakker, Concept Art by LaluCoo, finalizing of the manuscript and so much more! 

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More Delightfully Disturbing Fan Art!

11650921_10154431793703521_1570434675_n copy

Snivels Fan Art

From Snivels’ (self-proclaimed) #1 Fan!

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For All The Original JMP Photography Fans Out There!

As you can tell by the URL, I started this blog back when I was a photographer. And while I have been lately focused with more literal narratives, I will always love to take pictures. Thanks to the Shivering Snivels campaign and my Shadow Backers, I was able to invest in a smart phone recently (finally!).


My phone feels very smart!

So you will all be happy to know I will be picking up photography not just as employment anymore, but as a hobby too!

you will see portfolio work like this ~



Or you may see silly things like these :}

wpid-img_20150623_162136.jpg wpid-img_20150619_182532.jpg

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Make Your Own Snivels Meme!

I’m pretty excited about this!! One of our fans, Gabriella Guzman, and talented artist has made a Meme out of our hero, Snivels!



Make your own snivels Meme with this! 


By Gabriella Guzman

(And post them below!)

Something is Moving in the Shadows

What could it be?

Concept Art by Jessamyn Prince

Concept Art by Jessamyn Prince

Donations for Shivering Snivels keep coming in!!

Two amazing artists are working right now to bring the book alive. I was able to invest in a smartphone and I can begin to build my Official Website!!

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Snivel’s Kickstarter Campaign Is Hours Away from Its End!

But as one opportunity ends, another begins!

The Kickstarter was an amazing learning experience, and I met so many wonderful people because of it.


When the Kickstarter campaign closes at Midnight tonight as a “failure” it will be like it never happened. No money will be taken, no rewards sent.

But I want to see Shivering Snivels come to life?!

Have no fear. The campaign has moved to GoFundMe.com.

This crowd-funding site has no goal restriction, no deadline, and no waiting! As I raise money, I will be able to pull the funds when I have them and immediately put them towards the on-going development of the book.

There are no set rewards, but once you donate you will become a member of The Shadow Backers.

Shadow Backers

by LaluCoo

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3 Days To Go: Accepting Failure?



You have 3 days left to pledge to Shivering Snivels and be part of an exclusive group called

Shadow Backers

by LaluCoo


Once you pledge, no matter the outcome of the campaign, you will be added to The Shadow Backers mailing list. Expect to receive news, new art, and even digital copies of the book!!

The campaign will (probably) fail.

The book may take longer to release.

But it will be released.

When (though possibly “if”) the campaign fails, all pledges will be void and no money taken. Which means “pledging” could be free!


If, by some act of god, I receive all the pledges I need to reach my $8,000.00 goal in the next 72 hours- you will be expected to pay that amount.

So don’t go crazy and pledge $1,000 just because I think the campaign will fail.

$1 is all you need to be part of this infamous group.

Find everything you need at http://kck.st/1HyESZv

One Week Left To Be Part Of This Frightful And Delightful Book

Art by Kara Jaskolka

Art by Kara Jaskolka

Go to the Kickstarter!

Brand New Concept Art From Shivering Snivels

A big thank you to Kara Jaskolka, aka LaluCoo, for the AMAZING art!






GoFundMe Campaign for Shivering Snivels

Shivering Snivels & His Shadow

May, 21st.

by Jessamyn Midori Prince

Finally got around to cleaning up my sketch :]