Quick little character study for Snivels

Quick little character study for Snivels

Thanks Kara <3

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Doodle Challenge- The Skeptical Demon

Doodle Challenge- The Skeptical Demon So here's .... this guy? Been too long since I've posted a doodle, so trying to push myself to keep at it. Even if I don't think they're that great lol

So here’s …. this guy?

Been too long since I’ve posted a doodle, so trying to push myself to keep at it. Even if I don’t think they’re that great lol

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A Duck For Doodles Sake


 Happy 4th :3

Doodle Of The Day

(You know what i mean)


Playing around with ideas for a new rag doll. Since that’s such a productive use of my time…

Doing More Doodling!

Think I can do a doodle a day?


Yeah, neither do I.

Well, I could probably draw one thing a day, but I doubt I would post them.  I’m pretty bad at this whole “blogging” thing, so I decided to challenge myself to post more. The hardest part will be overcoming my ego. The main reason I don’t post more of my work is because I don’t think most of it is good enough. There is this intense pressure to deliver awe-inspiring work as constantly as possible. However, this is probably an unachievable goal. So for now, I’ll try to post AT LEAST ONE new doodle a week.

Hope you all enjoy :3

Art work from The Shivering Snivels Trailer!

Here’s your chance to take a closer look at the amazing trailer art. Kara Jaskolka, our amazing artist did the line work and I did the fill work. We managed to create a wonderful trailer in just 6 weeks!

Finalpg1 Finalpg2 Finalpg3 Finalpg4 Finalpg5 Finalpg6 FinalPg7 FinalPg8 FinalPg9 Finalpg10

Kara and I are still playing with the style, and excited to start working in color, but these will go down in history as the first official incarnation of our spooky tale!

Who’s That Monster In The Shadow?

Snivels’ Spotter’s Guide to Monsters

Snivels has been working hard to make an account of the monsters in the world.

Overtime, he will fill this book with every kind of spook and ghoul that a scaredy cat might run into.

Monster in the shadow

Sea Monster


All art by Jessamyn Prince

Help make Shivering Snivels a reality


New News!!

Really excited!

LaluCoo, aka Kara Jaskolka, and Drew DeBakker are working RIGHT NOW on spine-tingling new art for the book AND I’m getting a smart phone!

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who donated online.

At $400 I will be able to set up Shivering Snivels Official website!

Then i WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE!!! Muahahaha

My own silly sketches

My own silly sketches

Help me get my business women groove on over at


3 Days To Go: Accepting Failure?



You have 3 days left to pledge to Shivering Snivels and be part of an exclusive group called

Shadow Backers

by LaluCoo


Once you pledge, no matter the outcome of the campaign, you will be added to The Shadow Backers mailing list. Expect to receive news, new art, and even digital copies of the book!!

The campaign will (probably) fail.

The book may take longer to release.

But it will be released.

When (though possibly “if”) the campaign fails, all pledges will be void and no money taken. Which means “pledging” could be free!


If, by some act of god, I receive all the pledges I need to reach my $8,000.00 goal in the next 72 hours- you will be expected to pay that amount.

So don’t go crazy and pledge $1,000 just because I think the campaign will fail.

$1 is all you need to be part of this infamous group.

Find everything you need at http://kck.st/1HyESZv

Shivering Snivels has Fan Art!

Weston Wilson, Shivering Snivel’s first backer, has done some inspirational Fan Art! Thanks Weston!










Got your own Shivering Tale? Leave a link in the comments!

Help bring Shivering Snivels & His Shadow to life at http://www.gofundme.com/shiveringsnivels

Image source: http://imgur.com/a/ijM7F?third_party=1