Quick little character study for Snivels

Quick little character study for Snivels

Thanks Kara <3

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A Duck For Doodles Sake


 Happy 4th :3

Doodle Of The Day

(You know what i mean)


Playing around with ideas for a new rag doll. Since that’s such a productive use of my time…

Doing More Doodling!

Think I can do a doodle a day?


Yeah, neither do I.

Well, I could probably draw one thing a day, but I doubt I would post them.  I’m pretty bad at this whole “blogging” thing, so I decided to challenge myself to post more. The hardest part will be overcoming my ego. The main reason I don’t post more of my work is because I don’t think most of it is good enough. There is this intense pressure to deliver awe-inspiring work as constantly as possible. However, this is probably an unachievable goal. So for now, I’ll try to post AT LEAST ONE new doodle a week.

Hope you all enjoy :3

A Paralyzing Poster by LaluCoo funded by The Shadow Backers!

After a Long Day of Terror,

A Monster Can be Your Best friend

by LaluCoo

by LaluCoo

Shivering Snivels still has a long way to go, but look how much we can get done with so little! I was able to commission LaluCoo to work up some more promotional material for our book.

To see more of her work, go to https://www.facebook.com/artduluna?fref=ts

So far Shadow Backer donations have already funded Concept art by Drew DeBakker, Concept Art by LaluCoo, finalizing of the manuscript and so much more! 

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Join the notorious group with a donation of ANY amount at http://www.gofundme.com/shiveringsnivels

Snivels’ Spotters Guide to Monsters

The first installment of The Spotters Guide to Monsters, rough sketches by yours truly. As you read this, LaluCoo is working on the official versions!

Snivels’ Spotters Guide to Monsters was written with the intention to help you navigate this terror-filled wirld.


by Author – JMP


by Author – JMP

Make Your Own Snivels Meme!

I’m pretty excited about this!! One of our fans, Gabriella Guzman, and talented artist has made a Meme out of our hero, Snivels!



Make your own snivels Meme with this! 


By Gabriella Guzman

(And post them below!)

Snivels Update

I wanted to let you guys know about an interview I am filming tonight with http://www.boredombreak.com/

Very excited.

Keep an eye out.

Also, a few rough sketches from one of the illustrators I’m in talks with!

by Kara Jaskolka

by Kara Jaskolka

Shivering Snivels & His Shadow

May, 21st.

by Jessamyn Midori Prince

Finally got around to cleaning up my sketch :]