Patron Saint Portrait With 4×5 Film

A Small Addition To The Series


This was shot during the same shoot and the previously posted images, but different than the former, this image was shot on Black and White 4×5 sheet film.

Antique Toy Still Life


Lost In The Shadows

A continuation of my work with vintage toys,

and the idea of forgotten or abandoned toys.

Forgotten Toys


 Left Behind

I have been, as of late, very inspired by the idea of toys forgotten/dropped/left behind, and the reasons for this abandonment.

If The World Was Softer



If The World Was Softer
A simple idea, in a complex time.

The First Product Since My Still-Life epiphany: “What It Is, and What It Could Become”


JessamynPrincePhototgraphyThe Lost Love

The simple idea of the strong connection between two people in love,

 being able to transcend time and space