3 Days To Go: Accepting Failure?



You have 3 days left to pledge to Shivering Snivels and be part of an exclusive group called

Shadow Backers

by LaluCoo


Once you pledge, no matter the outcome of the campaign, you will be added to The Shadow Backers mailing list. Expect to receive news, new art, and even digital copies of the book!!

The campaign will (probably) fail.

The book may take longer to release.

But it will be released.

When (though possibly “if”) the campaign fails, all pledges will be void and no money taken. Which means “pledging” could be free!


If, by some act of god, I receive all the pledges I need to reach my $8,000.00 goal in the next 72 hours- you will be expected to pay that amount.

So don’t go crazy and pledge $1,000 just because I think the campaign will fail.

$1 is all you need to be part of this infamous group.

Find everything you need at http://kck.st/1HyESZv

One Week Left To Be Part Of This Frightful And Delightful Book

Art by Kara Jaskolka

Art by Kara Jaskolka

Go to the Kickstarter!

Breaking News!!!

Urgent Update: Monsters are real!

Be on the lookout for this boy.


art by Kara Jaskolka

art by Kara Jaskolka

The First (of many) Author Interviews

This weekend

I met up with The Boredom Break crew and filmed a Shivering Snivels segment! BoredomBreak is a great series of Web shows reviewing and discussing the latest, and greatest, in “nerd” and young adult entertainment. Hayley Katherine Briggs, my interviewer, and the entire team were professional and delightful! 

Stick around till the end for a little PG-13 material ;] or don’t!

Snivels Update

I wanted to let you guys know about an interview I am filming tonight with http://www.boredombreak.com/

Very excited.

Keep an eye out.

Also, a few rough sketches from one of the illustrators I’m in talks with!

by Kara Jaskolka

by Kara Jaskolka

This Is Just The Begenning

A BIG THANK YOU to ShiveringSnivels first EVER backer, Weston Wilson!!

For his donation, he will be receiving “Shivering Snivels & His Shadow” as an Audiobook, and a signed paperback. He will also get exclusive digital artwork, The Shadow Party Play Kit with flashlight and booklet, and a Snivels bookmark.

You can support Snivels at Kickstarter.