A Night With Imaginese

Spent the evening with Shivering Snivels’ partners,


So I’ve been developing Shivering Snivels in many ways, one of which was through workshops hosted by the philanthropic production company, Imaginese.  While most members pay dues, I worked out an arrangement with them for a membership in exchange for event photography! These amazing and inspiring artists devote their time to teaching and mentoring public school students in the Los Angles, when they are not developing their own impressive productions.

This week they hosted a filmmaker’s Expo where they previewed their writers humorous and poignant work for industry artists. A night filled with laughter and great constructive critiques!

And it was my pleasure to photograph the fun-filled event.

Happy MOM’S Day!

Shout out to all the great Moms out there!

Whether your children are human, puppy, or lost space alien, this day is for you!








Addition to my Ocean Science Series

In an effort to expand my documentary/educational portfolio I’ve been working on some great slides to be used by the Aquarium of The Pacific, or any educational center.

Hope you enjoy these “fun facts”



Sea Star

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For All The Original JMP Photography Fans Out There!

As you can tell by the URL, I started this blog back when I was a photographer. And while I have been lately focused with more literal narratives, I will always love to take pictures. Thanks to the Shivering Snivels campaign and my Shadow Backers, I was able to invest in a smart phone recently (finally!).


My phone feels very smart!

So you will all be happy to know I will be picking up photography not just as employment anymore, but as a hobby too!

you will see portfolio work like this ~



Or you may see silly things like these :}

wpid-img_20150623_162136.jpg wpid-img_20150619_182532.jpg

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Shivering Snivels & His Shadow : A Quite Frightful Children’s Picture Book

Help bring Jessamyn Prince’s spooky, scary, and spine-tingling picture book from concept art, through printing, to promotion.


When you donate money, it will immediately (no waiting, no goals, no matter what) go towards bringing this book closer to completion.

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At $2000——

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Photos You’ve Probably Never Seen

Enormous statue of Genghis Khan in Mongolia
Bavarian town of Nordlingen built in a 14 million year old meteor impact crater


Bagger 288, the largest land vehicle in the world


See the rest here.

The Lost Work of Summer 2011

Latest Work

Message From Beyond!!!

In case anyone was worried that i was dead, heres a quick preview of whats to come!








My latest work with composit!

Hope you enjoy!


Over The Rainbow