Enchanting Costumes for Children, and the Children at heart!



Stumbled upon another amazingly talented artist during my internet integration. Sara Lowes has made costumes and headdresses for the whimsically inclined.

Owl headdress. Photography -sonya Hurtado

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Now I don’t know Sara personally, so I’ll let her About Page fill you in:

Animalesque is a unique and independent costume brand for all those wild little creatures who love to dress up! But also for grown-up kids with an eye for something special…

Rabbit headdress. Celine Hallas photography

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Founded by artist and textile designer, Sara Lowes, Animalesque inspires creative play and helps to bring narrative to life through costume and props, capturing a sense of wonder and reconnecting children with their innate gift, and fundamental need, to imagine.


Animalesque combines Sara’s expertise in textile design – illustration, screen-print and embroidery – with her experience as a children’s storyteller, to produce playful costumes and accessories, rich with colour, texture and character.


Using a diverse range of fabrics, often recycled or collected on various travels, Sara lovingly produces her collectible creations in her London studio.


When I was poking around her website, I notice she also does COMMISSIONED DESIGNS!!

I know where I’m going for my fairytale jacket!

See more of Animalesque designs at: 


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