Happy Valentine’s Day!

Single this holiday? So am I!

Wanna send unique E-cards to your friends? Me too!


So I decided to make some neat found-art collages for my friends. They turned out a lot cuter then I thought they would, so I decided I’d share them here!


So send some love to your friends! Let them know this Valentine’s Day that, no matter their dating status, they are adored.


Feel free to copy and share! The soul of found-art is the free exchange of materials. The base of these images are from my favorite cards at the store. Then I layered them into multiple editing programs and added my own type and shapes on top.


Some are better than others, and none are even remotely what I SHOULD be working on. However, sometimes an artist needs to take a break from making something “good,” and just have fun.


Hope you enjoys these little pieces of e-art. I know I enjoyed making them. And, remember to give yourself a break now and then to just do something for the fun of it. Even if the stuck-up art critic in your head hates it!


Happy Valentine’s Day!



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